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Data Security

A1 platform, process & policies are designed to keep your data and corporate information secure.


The company understands the importance of data security and proactively takes measures to safeguard all your data while working on your projects. 

All our servers are SSL secured; it’s the technology for keeping an internet connection secure for any sensitive data sent, preventing criminals from reading and modifying any information transferred, including potential personal details.


Scattered data is also one of the problems that we identified as poor practice of handling the data, and that is why we have One Cloud folder policy to keep client data in a centralized space. It is shared with the team “on a need-to-know basis” with strong, complex passwords suggested by ISO27001 norms. One-click purge is also a facility available for clients to ensure that they can delete all their data themselves after the project. 


Besides technology and best practices for data security, our nondisclosure agreements (NDA) are another step towards our commitment to keeping your data safe. All our employees are under strict NDAs with the company, and we give them training in data security while onboarding and hold workshops from time to time to train them on the subject. 


With advanced software like Office 365 or Adobe Creative Cloud, which works in the cloud, we ensure that your data doesn’t get downloaded on local machines like a laptop, desktop, or mobile, etc., thus forming another layer of security against any potential data breach. 


A1 Slides has BCM & DR policy so that you can rest assured that your project remains active & safe even in unforeseen circumstances & natural disasters.  


“A1-Slides” is transparent in the code of conduct and strict in terms of security measures. You will get the full information on how your data is handled and the assurance that your data is safe, secure, and belongs to you and only you.