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About A1 Slides

At A1 Slides our mission is to empower leaders to present their ideas and vision to inspires the people & communities.

Leaders communicate at every step, their ideas, their vision, and inspire people for the betterment in every field. Infect research by Peter Miller found that a leader spends 75% – 90% of their time communicating.

While good communication can bring people closer, inspire them to do great work, poor communication can do disasters. It is essential to design a presentation that can effectively communicate a leader’s ideas and thoughts.

We at A1 Slides are passionate about designing communication material for leaders.

A1 Slides is an American company specializing in Presentation, PowerPoint, Keynote, Video, and Whiteboard. The A1 Slide team has served more than 1000+ customers and specializes in presentation designing which worked best for leaders, founders for sales, investor pitch, company profile, designing, new launching, and board meetings exhibiting financial data.

A1 Slides was founded by Harish K Saini, an entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in internet business, and founded four companies in automation, digitalization, and internet business.

What began as a trial order for a customer back in 2001 has now converted into a full-blown presentation business that inspired the start of A1 Slides. The award-winning team of designers, visualizers, and copywriters made it possible to hone a specialized skill, i.e., presentation design.

Team A1 has spent 13 years building a unique formula for designing a powerful presentation for C Suits and decision-makers. All this is not possible without exposing the team to 50+ industries and talking to top minds, gaining fundamental knowledge about how one industry needs and USP are different from another Industry.

By understanding the market need, A1 Slides divided customers’ needs into two parts and offered a slide designing solution in the form of A1 PPS and A1 Packages. 

While A1 PPS aims to offer a quick solution for urgent needs of slides designing and making them look super professional, the A1 Packages are meant for C suites and high-level presentations addressing the dire need of understating the subject, target audience, time, and core message to be delivered thus serving the purpose of ‘the presentation”.

The ongoing innovation behind the scenes is the norm here in A1 Slides. The team enjoys working on new ways of presenting the information, exploiting the designing platform for maximizing their outcome